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Potrait.Chow Kok Shen - # Chow Kok Shen

Chow Kok Shen

Diploma in Design Communication
2017 — 2020

Mad and experimental, Chow Kok Shen strives to achieve originality and uniqueness in his design as he specialises in graphic design, illustration, publication design, and UI/UX. He lives with his own design philosophy, while seeking a higher form in his creative vocabulary. Craziness and fun fuel his creations, as his works are often full of diverse personalities. He likes to perceive things in a different perspective in order to create experimental outcomes that are bizarre yet refined and always welcome the unusual as life is an adventure.


Haw Par Villa

A rebranding project to revitalise Haw Par Villa’s magic. A fun, whimsical approach was used represent the park's identity in the form of illustrations with a touch of innocence; while preserving its unsettling nature. The aim – to create new context to its characters and target a younger audience.

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