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Kim Dana

MA Design
2019 — 2020

Dana Kim is a designer specialising in graphic and editorial design. Dana is not engaged in a particular field as she wants to exceed boundaries of genres such as pure painting, design, sculptures, and execute a wide range of experimental works by emphasising boundless imagination and experiences of design. She hopes to stimulate and awaken the five senses of the public in general and conduct a test for designs that have the power to expand anyone’s imagination to infinity. Through different designs ranging, she would like to identify the roles of new abstract design for children.


The Role of Multisensory Design in a Digital Age

Seeing, hearing, tasting, touching and smelling are the primary means by which we humans experience the world around us. But if we do not engage our five senses, then we do not learn to make the most of our brain's abilities. This research focuses on promoting multisensory experiences in children. In contrast to playing on a screen, where children rarely use all their senses, tactile play requires the interdependence of the senses and thus promotes cognitive and social development.

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