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Nikhil Kumar

MA Design
2019 — 2020

Nikhil Kumar has a passion for all things creative. As an experienced art director with advertising agencies in Asia, he is close to the challenges that brands encounter today. Nikhil truly believes in 'full-brained thinking' driven by the belief that both the creativity and intution of the right brain and the analytics of the left brain must be understood equally and applied together in formulating powerful stories for brands.


Advertising of the Future: Reimagining Brands and the Changing Role of the Designer

As AI technology has recently become more accessible, many machines are now being used to automate processes. But when it comes to being 'creative', the acceptance of machines is debatable. In advertising, for example, professionals spend hours creating unique, provocative ideas, but can a machine do it in one click? This research project investigates how the role of the designer will evolve to leverage new approaches to the design process in advertising.

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