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Seah Sze Yunn_profile - Sze-Yunn Seah

Seah Sze Yunn

MA Design
2019 — 2020

Seah Sze Yunn is an interdisciplinary design practitioner who has worked on an array of projects in fields such as communication design, co-curricular learning, and contemporary art. In 2019, she received the LASALLE Scholarship for MA Studies, and the SkillsFuture Study Award for her graduate studies. Her ongoing research examines the paradoxical nature of divergence within collaborative relationships, which she seeks to develop further with other practitioners, to build capacities for collaborative problem solving.


Enabling Collaborative Turns for Design Workgroups

Our volatile and uncertain world demands novel ways of working across disciplines to address complex problems. This study follows the development of a conversation-based framework for collaboration in design. The framework describes the key features of collaboration in design and enables workgroups to recognise the extent of collaborative actions expected through the conversational process of collaborative turns.

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