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Sin Shiu Heng

MA Design
2019 — 2020

Sin Shiu Heng is a creative practitioner working in the marketing industry. Prior to his postgraduate studies at LASALLE, he studied and graduated from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) with a Bachelor's degree in Information Engineering and Media (IEM). Shiu Heng believes that design and technology should go hand in hand in the creation of innovative solutions for real world problems. With a newfound passion in social design, Shiu Heng hopes to bring greater impact to communities through his research and creative works.


Shifting Mindsets, Bridging Generations

Shifting Mindsets, Bridging Generations looks at the possibilities of utilising intergenerational design to shift negative perceptions of ageing and advocate for meaningful intergenerational relationships both within the kinship group and the broader community. A generalised methodology for intergenerational practice was formulated and incorporated into the development of a series of interactive tools.

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