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Kristen Cheah

Kristen Cheah

BA(Hons) Fashion Design and Textiles
2017 — 2020

Kristen Cheah, a Malaysian who graduated with specialisms in creative pattern-cutting and tailoring from LASALLE. She prefers to approach design by making at work while during learning, she leans towards an effortless aesthetic. Not limiting herself to a singular style, she plays with creating depth in construction. Open to learning new things while keeping grounded in the realities of fashion, she often questions the system, and responds with meticulously considered choices. Currently, she wants to reconnect with her Southeast Asian heritage, so that admiration and respect for another culture’s art will go both ways.



The traditional kite is the national symbol of Malaysia. There’s an imbalance in trying to fit into modernity while upholding your heritage, but we don't need to drop one to have the other. This project merges what is learned from others – zero-waste pattern cutting, with this dying art of Malaysia.

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