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Tay Hui Mei

Tay Hui Mei

BA(Hons) Fashion Media and Industries
2017 — 2020

Tay Hui Mei is a stylist who is not bounded by restrictions and looks beyond the surface of things. She explores both the minute detail and the big picture. Possessing a strong inclination towards curating and elevating looks, her styling process comes from immersing herself in fashion references and trends splashed with seasonal styles and silhouettes. Her dedication to fashion is fuelled by inspiration and passion. Her creativity was shaped by her devotion and a mix of authenticity with a pinch of Singaporean aspects in her works.



YOUTHFORIA reimagines the dynamic energy of Singapore's Merdeka Generation through fashion. This styling project aims to address the normative notions of youthful beauty in a stylish and positive way. Putting together a series of images to celebrate the revival of mid-life with inspiring content.

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