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Yeong Jun Bo Gabriel

Yeong Jun Bo Gabriel

BA(Hons) Fashion Media and Industries
2017 — 2020

Yeong Jun Bo is a Singaporean creative who revels in visual storytelling. An ardent fan of the late Lee Alexander McQueen, Yeong often approaches his project with the same lens, aiming to uncover the pain arising from the lived experience, believing that to be the unifying tether between all. Invested in the sociological and anthropological aspects of dress, he is interested in how garments are signifiers of multiple meanings, depending on the context and experiences one has. A community builder at heart, Yeong hopes to give a voice to those often underrepresented.


Gayzing Back: Relensing the Fat, Femme & Queer Body

Gayzing Back examines the intersection of three identities – 'fat', 'femme' and 'queer'. Often hypervisible, these individuals are usually viewed with a lens of disgust or ridicule. This project aims to create new ways of seeing for these subjects, presenting them as beautiful, respectable and human.

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