of Spatial &
Product Design

Ong Xiang An.jpg

Ong Xiang An (Jason)

BA(Hons) Interior Design
2018 — 2020

Jason Ong believes in the motto 'in order for designers to address a multitude of issues, the solution should always be multidisciplinary'. As a designer, he strives to design for the future with research and foresight. He is an aspiring practitioner of transitional design that applies character from different fields into design. A passionate and self-driven individual who constantly seeks out opportunities that challenge current norms, he is also organised and detailed in undertaking given tasks.


NTFGH 2100: New Rehabilitation wing for a Hyper-Healthy society

The Rehabilitation wing is made possible with foresight on medical technologies in the year 2100. Medical practices such as ‘Deep’ and ‘Slow’ medicine, ‘Appalachian recovery model’ and ‘Total design’ are applied to the design of a hospital in an era where technology will take care of most of humanity’s physical ailments.

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