of Spatial &
Product Design

Abraham Ayrookuzhiyil Yohaan

Abraham Ayrookuzhiyil Yohaan

BA(Hons) Product Design
2017 — 2020

Yohaan Abraham Ayrookuzhiyil draws inspiration from nature, people and spaces for his design. He has a pleasant demeanour, is easy to work with and believes that meaningful design is achieved through collaborative effort. Through hands-on experimentation and use of modern technology, he seeks to create functional products that arouse curiosity. In his free time, he likes to read and play sports such as badminton and frisbee. Willing to work hard and eager to learn, Yohan seeks to further his creative journey through projects that combine spatial and product design.



Playbot is a portable toy designed to encourage active play in children. Five coloured targets are slotted onto wall-mounted mats. Test one's aim as targets light up with each successful throw to score points. Playbot brings parents and children together for endless rounds of fun and competitive play.

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