of Spatial &
Product Design

Yi Xun Ow

Yi Xun Ow

Diploma in Interior Design
2017 — 2020

Ow Yi Xun is very passionate about art, architecture and design which led him to study Interior Design at LASALLE. His work process involves intensive research and storytelling, which is reflected through careful and meticulous crafting of his projects and his interior design models. He draws inspiration from travels, art and design related trade shows, as well as meeting suppliers and craftsmen around the region. Yi Xun loves visiting art galleries and museums, traveling and has a keen eye for photography.


The Craft Learning Centre

The Craft Learning Centre responds to the site’s maker spirit of craftsmen and trades exchanges. The Centre invites the public to understand the making processes through workshops, exhibitions and talks. Deriving inspiration from traditional basket weaving technique, a series of spaces were created that enable interactive learning.

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